portland juice company

Portland Food Photography: Portland Juice Press

Okay seriously. This place is so good! I heard about it through someone on Instagram (can’t remember who), and I rode my bike up Milwaukee to visit it. It’s right by Bushwacker’s Cider.

portland juice company

They juice hundred’s of pounds of vegetables, fruit, and nuts every day. They specialize is juice fasts-you can actually have them deliver to your house or work. I just happen to like fresh juice and had a craving for a thick nut milk. So I picked out The Ohm. It was perfect. Exactly what I wanted: hazelnuts, dates, cinnamon, and filtered water.

portland juice company e -8909

If you are undecided, they have no problem opening up bottles for you to sample the flavors. Next time, I am getting the lemon, ginger, honey one.

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They even have these vintage inspired postcards -FOR FREE! I took one or six.

portland juice company


  • http://www.jamiemulhern.com/ jamie

    Haha! I don’t know-you should give them a call. But when are you guys going to come visit?